This is so upsetting


So, another one for the grievance file….

Zico recently did an interview about being an idol who also composes. There are two slightly different English translations floating around (Korean original here; plug it into Google Translate if you dare).

Translation #1, by Youngism:

Zico wanted to be “high technician” as a rapper. He didn’t even dream of being a composer. However, because his past company didn’t have a producer available, he decided that he would have to take charge.

“Back then I couldn’t handle MIDI programs and I got tracks from other people. I went to classes with my own money and learned programs like Logic and Cubase. I realized that I had to learn it in order to talk to composers who were making the tracks for me. And then I got greedy and then make the track for Block B’s first album, “Nilriri Mambo”.

Translation #2, by SimpletonJun of Block B International:

Zico: As a rapper, I wanted to become a high technician. I didn’t even dream of being a composer. But the company didn’t have a deserving producer, so I decided to do it myself. At that time, I didn’t even have the MIDI programme and I was using tracks made by others. I attended a hagwon* (*academy/cram school/ educational institute) with my own money and with the help of LOGIC and CUBASE, I learnt how to use the arranging programmes. I found out I knew the direction of music beforehand when giving the composers a track to work on. But I became greedy and starting with BLOCK B’s first album Nillili Mambo, I started to make the title tracks too.

(ETA: There’s a third translation here.)

Stardumb didn’t have a producer for Blockbuster!?! Need I point out to you that the only group that label had that was making any money at that point was Block B? Do you think that any album has made it the money Blockbuster has?

Just, wow.

I mean, stuff like this infuriated me already.

That’s Zico before the lawsuit talking about how, although he worked himself to exhaustion producing Blockbuster, it’s OK, because he really loves making music. He doesn’t quite say, “I’d do it for free!” as the word SUCKER materializes on his forehead, but it’s pretty close.

That was bad enough, but now–oh, he paid out of his own pocket to learn music production. So, yeah, he did it for less than free.


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  1. Such respect for Zico, and his passion and effort raises that even more. I do disagree that his use of his own money to pay for lessons was a waste. Instead, if I were in his situation, I would see it as a great investment, and that even if Stardumb didn’t help out, it would still be worth it, to be able to express all these musical ideas effectively and create higher-quality works. Of course, the company unfairly profited from his passion despite not helping much. :/

  2. I don’t think his money was wasted at all–I mean, the reason Block B can do what they’re doing now is because they developed the necessary skills to become self-sufficient. But if the idea is that a label gets money because it does X and Y for you, then that label needs to actually do X and Y!

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