How we doin’?


Since it’s Thursday, the Gaon digital results are out (album sales aren’t out yet, since H.E.R wasn’t released until yesterday), as are the Billboard World Album results.

So, how are things going? Pretty good, I think.

The digital results only give you ranking, not numbers (and are kind of funky anyway, because they’re trying to count subscription streams and downloads, not purchased digital singles), but five of H.E.R‘s songs are in the top 100, and “H.E.R” is ranked #3.

(Number 1 is this song:

I really like it! I did not have high hopes for a K-Pop girl group song called “Touch My Body”–that did not scream attention-was-paid-to-the-music to me. But this song is very upbeat and fun–I like the fake-out at the beginning–and I think it makes nice use of their different vocals without making the song sound like four different songs. The video could definitely use an ostrich or two, though.)

Anyway, YouTube is also looking pretty good: “H.E.R” got to 1 million views in four days, just like “Jackpot.” But this time around they’re actually promoting (plus offering bribes). Presumably as a result, “H.E.R” has 1.55 million views after eight days (and is adding roughly 100,000 views per day), whereas it took “Jackpot” 11 days to get to 1.68 million views.

So it’s all looking very promising for album sales, which should come out for Korea next week. But I was a little concerned about the U.S. results, because of the staggered digital and physical releases. That makes sense in Korea, where you make all your money from physical album sales, and where digital and physical sales are charted separately. But Billboard charts it all together (at least on its public charts), so keeping CDs out of the equation is not helpful if you want to rank high.

But whaddaya know, H.E.R is number 6 on the Billboard world album chart this week, which is where Very Good debuted. So that’s nice.

We are kind of lagging on EatYourKimchi, but honestly, I think that’s more EYK’s issue than anything else. They’re not doing video reviews very often these days, I believe they’re out of the country yet again, and I think after “Jackpot”–which was in the top three for a solid month and not reviewed–people are more skeptical that it’s worth the effort. I’m still voting daily, but even the layout of the home page has changed so that the chart is less prominent than it used to be. Their reviews have definite marketing value, but if they’re not going to do them (which of course is their prerogative), then the EYK K-Pop chart becomes yet another worthless Internet poll.


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    • To my knowledge, it makes no difference–both count for shows. The fans were focusing in CJ&EM’s channel, because they wanted to get it over the 1 million view mark, and obviously that’s easier to do if you just pick a channel. Then Block B popped up with the reward for viewing on Seven Seasons’ channel. I don’t know if they did that because they actually get something that way (i.e. more ad revenue) or if they just wanted to push their channel.

      • Ah, then they want the ad revenue. I dunno: I don’t think I care whether I see a dance practice video or not. Although, knowing Block B, it would be funny. But I’m just not inclined to do extra HER video plays just for that.

        • I wish YouTube revenues weren’t such a mystery–I’ve read such wildly disparate things about whether or not it’s a significant income stream. I mean, I’m sure if it was and the fans knew that it was, they wouldn’t have just done a push for views on the CJ E&M channel. :/

          • I just did a whole bunch of command + shift + N tabs and each and every one of the Seven Seasons videos had ads. (Thankfully, I muted my computer. I love HER, but I don’t need it playing at different stages 11+ times at once.) And I think EYK was the one to say on some video that they get money from ads on youtube.

            I’m fine with SS getting their cash from the ads, but seriously, tell us that ahead of time! Plus, CJ&Ent is their distributor: they must be profit-sharing Youtube revenue with them too. It’s a bit weird they’d undermine a company that’s helping promote SS’s one product.

            • Yeah, you get revenue from YouTube ads, the question is, How much? “Gangnam Style” made relatively little money from YouTube, but then people like EYK make a living off of it. So it’s hard to know. YouTube also changes its terms from time to time, which can drastically alter how much people make.

              There’s a whole back-and-forth about distribution channels–some channels are very helpful, some take a big cut. So it’s always a balancing act. It’s not at all uncommon for artists to try to push fans to get product direct so that they keep more of the money–and distributors typically don’t care, because what they have to offer customers is one-stop shopping, and no single artist can offer that.

  1. P.S. I was annoyed about Jackpot not getting reviewed and EYK going for some really boring SM video instead (can’t remember who). Since I’m not a huge EYK fan, without your reminders, I tend to forget about them now.

    • I get the feeling they’re trying to move away from being The Place for Video Reviews. That’s totally OK by me–if it’s boring them, then they shouldn’t do it–but of course if we have no realistic hope of getting a review, then why bother with the voting? I guess I’ll see next comeback if they are even doing reviews–if they’re just doing one every six months or so, then I don’t think I’d bother even to link to them from

      I like EYK, but ironically, I don’t usually watch the video reviews. I like the culture, language, and food content much more.

      • Hmm, to be honest, their culture, language and food videos seem to be going downhill too. There was one about a palace and I was all excited since that’s probably where I’d go first as a sageuk lover, but they said nothing about it in the end.

        • I find the videos where they go visit someplace to usually be pretty dull–“Now we’re getting gas!” “Now we’re in a hotel room! It has a nightstand!” It’s the sort of thing that is clearly more entertaining for them than for me. But the cooking stuff, DICKS, and TL; DR are usually good.

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