Hey, an anniversary!


I just realized that this blog has been around for darned near a year! Wow, the countless hours of wasted time….

Anyway, I’m taking this opportunity to highlight what has been, by far, the blog’s most-popular post:

Fan Service; or, Why Are the Members of Block B All So Gay?


An oldie but a goodie.


Even better, if you plug “Block B gay” into Google, that post is the very first result, and it has been for some time now!

I was fine with that–proud, even!–but what bothered me was the sheer number of people who find that post by searching for “gay Korea” or “Korean gay.” That post couldn’t possibly be one of the first results for that kind of search, could it? I worried. After all, there are many serious issues attached to being gay in Korea, and a silly little post like that has no business being anywhere near a go-to resource on that topic.

Then I Googled those terms myself, and was relieved to find that post nowhere on the first several pages of results I scrolled through.

Of course, that means that the people who find that post using those search terms are 1. probably looking for porn, and 2. making an extremely thorough search for it.



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  1. Eeerrr….. I found your post and that was the first one I read on your blog and the first one I reacted to, but how and why did I end up there?!… Not by tiping “gay korean” for sure ^.^ but it had to do with Block B. I was looking frantically for any info about them on the web, that is a fact. But what did I type to find that page??… I will be thinking about that all day long now ^.^
    What really got me while reading your post was that finally I could read an explanation and analysis of that matter (ambiguité des rapports et mise en scène de ces derniers par de jeunes fans) written by someone who was older than 14. And that felt good! ^.^

    Happy anniversary then! \(^_^)/

      • How was the fan fiction a problem? Were they angry the label didn’t promote them in other ways, or that the label was not protecting them from fan fiction?

        • The same here: why was it a problem? (you know so many things about them, it’s great!)

          I’ve seen some pretty amazing and disturbing things in the fan fictions world. I can’t say I’ve read anything because usually the concept of the fiction appears quite fast and it’s not really the kind of litterature I have (I’m not criticising or anything, the only one I ever read was written by a now good -and younger- friend of mine and it was actually very good ^.^ -not on Block B though- but mainly because most of the time the writers are so young it’s difficult for an adult to read and/or relate to what they write.)
          I was more interested in why such young fans write about their idols by putting them in some very awkward situations sometimes, most of the time.
          Is it a question of generation? I’ve been a fan as well when I was 14, but I never ever even imagined my idols making out with each others (*_*)’
          So, writing about it…. For others to read!….

          Plus, it’s mostly girls who do that. Boys don’t write about their female idols dating each others, right? Or do they??

          • The only fanfiction I’ve read beyond the first two lines was Kpopalypse’s, and his are pure comedy. Everything else, just no.

            No idea why these girls want boy-on-boy action so badly. It’s not something I can understand. As for the boys, I doubt they write stuff so much as imagine it. Or just watch a t-ara video.

          • I didn’t know that people wrote slash fiction about real people (as opposed to fictional characters) until I started looking stuff up about Block B! But apparently it’s been around forever–there was fan fiction written about the Beatles!

        • No, no, no–sorry, I didn’t word that properly. The problem was that the easy-to-find material on Block B was all 1. either from the label (so it was all about how they were crazy and the label didn’t owe them a dime) or 2. fan fiction. I’d type a question into Google like, “Did Park Kyung live in New Zealand?” and I’d get back pages and pages of results that were ALL fiction. (You know, about how he impregnated New Zealand.)

          It’s much better now–Stardom’s stuff is gone, and Block B International’s stuff shows up much higher.

  2. Hee, that’s funny re the determined gay info searchers.

    I don’t remember how I came to this blog, but since I do regular block b searches, that’s probably how.

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