It’s all in the rhythm


VOICEOVER: If you want to march in the correct military form, move the L stick and R stick alternately.

PLAYER: Ugh, this is confusing!

HIGH-RANKING OFFICER: Hey! (gestures PRIVATE to come over)

VOICEOVER: Using the controller, follow the cadence of the high-ranking officer.


PLAYER: I’m supposed to match his timing! (this part is not fully subtitled, so I could not catch it all–he’s messing with the controls) Square! Square!

Buzzer sounds

VOICEOVER: You have failed.

HIGH-RANKING OFFICER: Stretch out on the floor.

PLAYER: That game store owner!

VOICEOVER: Again, use the controls to follow the commander.

Once again, they don’t really subtitle this part–I presume it’s mostly of the “Attention!” and “Hup one! Hup two!” variety.

VOICEOVER: You have failed.

HIGH-RANKING OFFICER: Stretch out on the floor.

PLAYER: Ah, how can you tell me to do that! It’s really annoying!


VOICEOVER: You have committed mutiny.

PLAYER: No! (and something else that isn’t subtitled)

MP: Take him to the stockade.

VOICEOVER: Escape the soldiers.

PLAYER: That way! Military vehicles! Military vehicles! (PRIVATE gets into vehicle)

ON SCREEN: Retona.*

PLAYER: Why won’t it go?

VOICEOVER: You cannot drive without a driving companion.**

PLAYER: You can’t drive alone in the army?

PRIVATE is captured.

MP: Your military term has been extended.

VOICEOVER: Stockade.

ON SCREEN: Military term + 7 days


* A Jeep-like vehicle made by Kia

** A real regulation, apparently! As is common in the United States when people are learning how to drive, in Korea under certain circumstances a driver must have a companion in the car with them for safety.

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