The vital casing


PLAYER: Ah, failed, failed. Let’s start again.

ON SCREEN: Private

PLAYER: I’ll do better this time.

ON SCREEN (under weapons available): K-2 rifle

VOICEOVER: Hit the target 10 times to win a leave pass. Use the L-stick to aim at the target.

PLAYER: (hits target once) Yes! (hits target more) Oh yeah! (empties clip into target)

VOICEOVER: Bullseye.*

PLAYER: Yes! I win the leave!

MP: Take him to military retraining.

PLAYER: I did everything right! Why did the MPs appear?

VOICEOVER: You have lost one casing.

PLAYER: Why does a casing matter?

VOICEOVER: You have been entered into military retraining.

PLAYER performs punishments

PLAYER: What jerk made such an exhausting game?


* 만발 literally means “full bloom.”

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