That sound you hear…


…is Block B crashing ticket-buying Web sites aaaalllll over Europe. Oh my God.

(Apparently the Eventbee sites still have tickets for Finland and Poland, so I updated the links here. Keep refreshing the FNAC page–they sell out, then add new tickets, then sell out…..)

ETA: So, you can once again get tickets on Lippupalvelu and Bilety (my latest area of study: European ticket-selling sites!) as well as Eventbee. I’ve put links to all of those here.

Bataclan is saying that the Paris show is sold out, although everyone’s like, “Do they mean sold out, or do they mean sold out?” which leads me to think that it might still be worth it to check FNAC. And Milan still has general-admission tickets available.

EATA: At this point: Lippupalvelu has standard (i.e. cheap) tickets for Helsinki, CiaoTickets has the same for Milan, and EventBee has early-admission/meet & greet/all your expensive tickets for Warsaw (but the hotels are cheaper!). Paris is gone, gone, gone…..


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  1. OMG!!!!
    I didn’t follow exactly the news so would you believe I learnt Block B was in Paris when I read your post one hour ago? I stayed on Helsinki concert news weeks ago! I know… Bad fan. Whatever. As soon as I read The Bataclan I jumped on the Fnac website but of course all the tickets were already sold right?
    So I started the big Chase! On one website I found 2 tickets, normal price normal entrance, normal time, I found another one on Ebay, but because I know that you have to update the official websites, I kept refreshing the Fnac page and after 30 mn, ta-daaaa! Tickets were available again. It goes very fast so I clicked on the “early” category because I thought it was better to be able to enter sooner, but I ended up with 2 “prestige” tickets, which allow you to go to the signing session, but not to enter early… Well, much better than a regular ticket anyway or no ticket at all!!!!
    I printed the tickets, so I know they’re here and real ^.^ and I have YOU to thank for that!!!!
    Alors vraiment, merci merci merci!

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