Neither fish nor fowl


So, Gaon came out yesterday, and the Bastarz album is the number 3 album in Korea, below only the two Exo albums.

The digital charts are doing pretty well, too–five of the six songs from the album are in the top 100 (the loser being the instrumental version of “Conduct Zero”). Overall, they’re charting lower than the songs from H.E.R did–the top song is #6 instead of #2, for example.

But what’s interesting is that if you look at downloads, they’re ranking quite a bit higher than if you look at digital overall. For example, “Thief” is #34 on the download chart, but #63 on the overall digital chart.

My speculation is that typically people who buy albums in Korea are pretty hard-core fans, and I’m going to guess that people who buy downloads instead of just streaming a song are also more aware of what is going on with a group. So those people know that Bastarz is a Block B sub-unit and are checking the music out. People who are super-casual about Block B aren’t recognizing the name.

At least, not yet. Bastarz is aallllllll over the Korean music shows, so it will be interesting to see if that changes the digital chart results next week.

What else? We didn’t get on the Billboard World Music chart, le sigh. YouTube views of “Conduct Zero” are at 1.3 million (both channels) 10 days after release. That’s less than “H.E.R” and will presumably be less than “Jackpot,” but of course neither of those were 19+ videos. In addition to the obvious reason why that kind of rating tends to restrict views, YouTube views of 19+ videos don’t count for music show rankings (ETA: turns out that that’s not true for all shows–God, the music show thing is so freaking confusing and pointless), so there’s no reason for fans to crank up the view count.

Even so, the “Conduct Zero” video is doing far better than any of the solo videos have done, and the song has ranked higher on the digital charts and sold more downloads in a week than any of the solo releases.

* * *

Can I just take a moment to vent about the fact that nobody seems to be able to agree on what the Bastarz album is called? I’m not talking about whether one translates a title “Conduct Zero” or “Zero for Conduct” or “No Manners,” I’m talking about whether the album itself is Bastarz (as the cover suggests), or Conduct Zero/Zero for Conduct/No Manners.

Seriously, look at the chaos that is Amazon’s search results right now:

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.14.50 PM

I think we should officially rename the album No Fucking Clue.

Anyway, following my “I go with what gets people results on searches!” rule of thumb, I went with Bastarz on Once again, this should not be interpreted to mean that I believe that my judgement was right and that all other judgements are wrong.


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