And we keep chugging along….


So, there’s been a lot happening, as is fairly normal nowadays. Bastarz went from #16 on Oricon’s daily chart to #11 to nowherestay weird, Oricon! Park Kyung’s song debuted at #3 on the Gaon weekly chart and in two weeks has sold more downloads than either “Tough Cookie” or “Well Done.” (I feel very smug about my opinion regarding Park Kyung’s solo prospects right now.) Jaehyo’s show is out, U-Kwon got cast in a Japanese short film, and Block B as a whole just announced another tour of Japan for January.

And Zico is going to be performing with Miguel.

Am I the only one who sees this

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 7.59.50 PM

and this

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 8.00.09 PM

and thinks, “Oh, dear God. What are we trying to do here?”

Anyway, I soldier on. I’m kind of pleased to see that Zico is still working with My Music Taste–they had a real clusterfuck in Colombia, but they are trying to figure out the South American market, and while I realize the economy is not doing well there and reliable partners are hard to find, etc., etc., I still hope that Block B can tour South America sooner rather than later.

* * *

Back to us lucky ducks in North America: SubKulture put out the seating charts. Club Nokia in LA will be an open floor, and given what happened the last time I decided to be sensible and not get an up-close ticket, I think I’m going to be going for standing. I haven’t been to the Warfield, but someone on Yelp took a picture of the stage from the lower loge, and yeah, I think I’ll be going for standing there, too. In both cases it’s not like the 1st Block seated tickets would have a bad view, but it’s just not going to be as intimate.

So: Be cool, kids. Let’s not re-enact Infinite at the Hammerstein, OK?

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 8.30.46 PM

People remain interested….

But this is not the big news from SubKulture: The big news is that the winners were announced for the meme contest. Hee-hee-hee!


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  1. Yay another post within a few days~ haha I like obsessively checking a few websites for updates so I don’t have to do my PSets…

    I think I mentioned it before but I was in that hellhole at the Hammerstein… Before the concert started all was fine but suddenly everyone squeezed towards the front… So glad I brought a water bottle or else I would probably have fainted… Though I didn’t bring very much and had to ration it out. The first thing I did after the concert was over was go across the street and buy a Gatorade and chugged that down. So much pushing and I was literally held up by the other people squishing. There was this relatively large male who was in front of me at one point, until he fainted (that was terrifying, seeing someone collapse in front of you) who was luckily quickly escorted/carried out by one of the security guards in the front. I swore off standed seating for kpop concerts from that experience. Was jelly that the people in the lower tier of seats (above the standing section) not only paid less, got to breath, and had a very good view of the stage (the venue is small so even the seated areas were really close, not like big bang’s stadium in Newark the year before that I had gone to (my only other experience of a kpop concert at the time)), but also had one of the members walk along that balcony while singing… T-T lol. Was so happy for Block B’s New York concert ❤ seats up close!

    Ugh, wish I could go to one of the concerts this time, preferably Chicago (all hail seated concert venues) (also my brother lives there so whoo). But it's unreasonable :// mer and it's a full concert and not a showcase this time too ;~~~~~~~~~~; guess I'll rely on fancams… I wonder if the U.S. Photo book DVD has footage of them backstage or something and not just posing in front of the scenery…

    • Yeah, I had a similar experience when I was in high school–getting picked up and moved about by the sheer pressure of the bodies around me. Buuuuut…the Show Me the Money concert was standing and totally civilized. It’s just going to depend on how people are. If it’s insane, I will definitely head right back–at Club Nokia, I know I can always hang out at the bar, and the Warfield apparently has seats in the back of the GA area as well. With both Block B shows, you pay just as much for the closer balcony seats as you do for standing, and for that kind of money I want at least a chance at something really good rather than a seat that I know is going to be just OK.

      I’m really of two minds about the photo book–I wish it was a really extensive DVD instead. I mean, photos are just not that interesting to me (no music, usually no humor). A DVD chock full of them being really freaked out by visiting a foreign country would be hilarious to me–but of course I still dream of seeing Block B’s version of “The Amazing Race.” (Which would coincide with a world tour. It would be AWESOME….)

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