Yes? No?


So, Zico’s released–oh, take you pick of translations. Is it “Say Yes or No”? “Say It Yes or No”? “Tell Me Yes or No”? Some people are going with plain old “Yes or No,” and while I understand the appeal, the Korean title is “말해 Yes or No,” so that is just a partial translation. On I’ll presumably just go with whatever iTunes goes with, even if it makes no sense whatsoever.

Speaking of–OK, I understand that, in all likelihood, this release was pushed up unexpectedly. But no video’s been released yet–quite possibly because they didn’t have time to make one!–and that’s causing some issues for my perfectionist self, because I have no non-pirated, internationally-accessible version of the song to link to. I can’t put up a video, because there isn’t one, and I can’t link to iTunes, because it’s not up on iTunes yet (that usually takes a couple of days). The only valid link right now is to Melon, but hello, the vast majority of English speakers don’t use Melon, because it’s in Korean.

Ugh. Fingers crossed that a video does come out relatively soon, or at least that there’s no big delay getting the song onto iTunes (and Google Play if they’re going to do that–they don’t always).

The good news is that this absence of promotion is really just my problem:

it’s not hurting Zico a damned bit.

ETA: Oh, thank God, a video came out! It’s not complete, but I don’t care. Oh, and it’s on iTunes! Happy, happy me….


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