I was looking at that picture of Lee Sung-kyung and Zico in that last post, which I took from the recent stories about them:


And I was thinking, I’ve seen this picture before! Plus Zico looks blond, which hasn’t been the case recently. One thing that I had noticed about the other They! MUST! Be! Dating! stories was that sometimes the pictures were quite old.

Makes sense, I thought. Zico was all over the Korean search engines with the release of “Say Yes or No.” If you are a not-very-ethical online media site that is interested in getting clicks, one way to do that is to monitor what is trending in search engines at the moment, and then slap some bullshit together with those search terms in it.

So I went looking around for the original photograph. And it is indeed old–almost six months old!

But the interesting thing is:

날좋은날 오랜만에 회동

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They cropped out the third wheel.

OMFG. Seriously, I weep for K-Pop journalism.

ETA: Annnnd Asian Junkie has a report of a dating story that was based on pictures Photoshopped by a shipper. Well, ya know, if they’re going to crop the photos themselves to make them misleading, I don’t understand why they wait for some shipper to do the Photoshopping. I mean, as An Ethical Line One Shall Not Cross, that’s pretty fucking weak.


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