Fresh from the rumor mill!


So, apparently Lee Sung Kyung got sufficiently annoyed by the rumors of her and Zico dating that she repudiated them, stating “Zico’s not a man to me.” (Ouch.)

But she only specifically addressed the oh-so infamous furniture-store incident, in which she and Zico were seen (brace yourself) in a furniture store. Together! Of course this could mean only that they were getting married, or that they were planning to appear on the Korean television show We Got Married, where celebrities pretend that they are married, and insane netizen assume that they actually are, so it’s basically the exact same thing. (Because crrraaaaazzzzzyyy. . . .)

Lee Sung Kung did not, however, explain this!


Which the ever-ethical Korean entertainment media cropped from this!

날좋은날 오랜만에 회동

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And that can only mean . . . wait a minute! Wait a Gosh-darned-freaking minute!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.22.56 PM

OMFG!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!! Who’s going to explain this to Basick’s wife and kid!??!?!?!?!?!

ETA: I should note that there are currently a slew of Korean K-Pop articles out because Zico appears to have switched foundations. No lie.


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  1. …because if I’ve learned anything from your blog, it’s that if Zico is alone in a picture with someone, they MUST be dating. Can’t we just photoshop something more interesting than this for poor Zico…exciting locales with facinating people, doing really cool stuff?

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