Not too shabby


The Gaon annual top 100 lists for 2015 just came out, and–what should we call it? The Greater Block B Musical Complex?–did pretty well.

On the Albums list we have:

Conduct Zero at 61
Gallery at 66

On the Digital Singles list we have:

“Fear” at 30
“Turtle Ship” at 51
“Oasis” at 57
“Conduct Zero” at 87
“Ordinary Love” at 93
“Okey Dokey” at 96
“Boys and Girls” at 97

So, you see how important Show Me the Money was this year–three of Zico’s five charted songs are from that show, and I think his discography shows the impact it had on his sales (keep in mind that “Eureka” has by no means finished its run on Gaon–it was #13 last week).

This isn’t actually the first year Block B has had two albums on the annual Gaon charts–they managed that in 2012 as well–but it is by far their best year for singles, which are what the general public usually buys. In 2014 they had three, in 2012, one–and that’s all.


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    • Yeah! A friend of mine got me the physical CD for Christmas–I had the songs digitally, and it’s so fascinating that the order of the songs is different on the CD. It works really well as an album, though!

  1. I’m convinced they share sales amongst all 7 of them. And with the company too, but I think they share earnings from individual work. Or, maybe they’re all shareholders in the company, and thus get shares of the profits?

    • I don’t know if he needs to do it again–it basically launched him, and I don’t know if it would benefit him as much the second time around. It was a big time commitment, so he may prefer spending the effort on his own/Block B’s music.

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