Man, I feel you


BEEP has HAD IT with these fucking click-bait Zico/Lee Sung Kyung articles!

That last line reads, *NEVER CLICK ON THESE ARTICLES*

Good advice, but I must post my alt click-bait!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.22.56 PM

This would be a much juicier scandal, don’t you think? ETA: Aw, but apparently that’s Henry Lau, not Basick, which seriously reduces the juice. I think we should continue pretending that it is Basick, and that Henry is lying to cover for him!

ETA: Oh, and apparently this happened even after Zico addressed the fact that the photo was cropped on Radio Star. (Soompi’s version here.)


Well, frankly, given the level of shitty journalism this story represents, I don’t expect any amount of clarification to make it go away. These are, after all, the people who took this publicity photo


cropped out Paloalto, and presented it as evidence that Zico and Hyorin MUST BE DATING!!!!!


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