Nice, nice


I’m on the road again, but I wanted to point out a couple of nice things that I noticed.

Thing #1: Some extremely determined individual managed to jam a Park Kyung article into Wikipedia.

It’s about time, right? “Ordinary Love” is STILL on Gaon, Problematic Men is doing really well in the ratings–I think even a non-fan would agree that Kyung should be on Wikipedia. But given my experience trying to get an article on there, I never even tried it. So thank you to the person who did–you are made of sterner stuff than I!

Thing#2: So, people know that Block B has scheduled two concerts in Seoul, right?

The exciting bit is the venue: 14,700 seats! Holy crap! The original Blockbuster concert was in a 2,500 seat venue, Blockbuster Remastering was in a 5,000-seat venue, and now we’re up to an actual stadium. Very cool! I mean, yeah, as a spectator of course I prefer a smaller venue, but it’s nice that Block B is in a place now where they can expect to fill a stadium–they can always switch down to smaller venues if they decide they prefer something more intimate.


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  1. When I saw that the concert venue had a capacity of 14k and no one said anything about it, I thought I must be looking at the wrong place XD. So glad to see I wasn’t wrong and that block b is doing so well to hold a comeback concert there. How is block b’s popularity in Korea though? I kinda feel they aren’t being mentioned by a lot of kpop fans now.

    • I really would not worry about their popularity in Korea. Zico, Park Kyung, and Bastarz all had significant popular hits there last year, and they’ve been adding BBCs to their fan club, so it’s all good.

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