That looks pretty good


We were talking earlier about how tickets were selling to the Block B concerts that just ended, and one of the musicians who played them posted this today:

So, yeah, I’d say that looks pretty good. People get really hung up on whether stuff sells out, but unless you are spending a ridiculous sum on production you don’t need to sell every last ticket to your shows (a friend of mine worked for a company that specialized in Broadway tickets, and in that industry an 80% sell-through rate is considered extremely good). If a show is pricey or at a large venue, it’s actually quite unlikely to sell out, because people don’t want to pay for crap seats.

And also:

Because it’s awesome.

ETA: This is happening, too:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.24.12 PM.png

I’m guessing it’s the album announcement plus the other K-Pop groups that went to the concert? It’s a pretty even split between the Members page (typically newbies) and the Schedule page (existing fans).


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    • I saw that! Everything looks so great–the audience sing-alongs are fantastic, too. I hope it’s not a terribly long wait for the DVD–I mean, I understand that they probably aren’t a huge priority, but having to wait a year really blows….

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