This bodes well


Apparently the episode of Infinite Challenge Zico was recently on had Nielsen ratings almost 3 percentage points higher than the episode before–a 13.6% share vs. a 10.8% share. Handily won its time slot, too.


Look at those ratings!

ETA: And BEEP posted this, if you’re wondering how their music is doing overall.


That’s from Melon, and note that, yes, “Fear” and “Okey Dokey” are STILL on there.

Oh, and by the way, since the album’s out, it’s OK to publicize the music that fans got a sneak peek of at the concert, so I put some of that on the Videos page.

(Another edit!) Speaking of live video, you can watch P.O GLORIOUSLY FAIL the choreography here. I mean, I love him with all my heart, but…I’m laughing so hard.

One last edit: In fairness to P.O, looking at this from another angle it doesn’t look so much like he got lost and followed B-Bomb to keep up; it looks more like they’ve deliberately choreographed the song around his tragic fused spine. I’m still laughing, though. (A business suit has never suited a K-Pop idol better.)


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  1. I’m so excited! Block B’s comeback is in a few hours and they just won their first #1 from inkigayo for a few years later with zero promotions. So proud of the boys and bbcs 🙂

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