I guess this will do as an anniversary post


It’s been five years since Block B’s debut (three years and a month since I got into them), and one of the great joys of the group in my book is that they’re always full of surprises. Like today I was watching the first broadcast of “A Few Years Later” and “Toy,” songs that represent a more sentimental, more serious, and shall we say, more adult side of the group, and I noticed something:

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 4.14.59 PM

B-Bomb’s in-ear devices are decorated with Playboy bunnies.

May you forever be vaguely inappropriate, boys!


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  1. Lol bbomb is always vaguely inappropriate, just like the time he posted some shots from 50 shades of grey on his sns and said how good a movie that was. Imagine how that would have gone down if any of the “squeaky clean” idols from big 3 it. 😅

    • Or the time he turned the eatcast into a teabagging how-to video…or how he used to wear a shirt with two topless women kissing for pretty much every performance…or the time he performed “Conduct Zero” with no shirt so that his nipples showed and they had to broadcast his dance section from behind…or the whole Woody thing….

  2. Bbomb is fast rising as my bias. At the fan sign a few days ago a fan asked him to write something congratulate her on her upcoming marriage. He wrote “I’m supporting noona’s first night!” Lol….

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