DEEP inside the mind of a WRITAH!!!!


I looked at Netizen Buzz today (which I don’t make a habit of, because it’s usually dumb), and saw something pretty hilarious: The idiots on Pann are upset because someone crumpled up a radio script.

Oh, the pathos!

1. [+278, -8] ??????????? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. He actually did this on scene at a radio recording???? That’s so disrespectful to the scriptwriters, how dare he does that to something they worked so hard on?

5. [+90, -1] Hul if I was the scriptwriter, I’d be like “what’s this ba$tard doing?”

10. [+50, -5] Hul, I interned briefly as a broadcast scriptwriter and what he did is extremely disrespectful. I was the total maknae intern and all I did was divide the scripts but I made sure that they weren’t wrinkled when they were handed out. Normally rookies try so hard to get on the scriptwriter’s good side so for a rookie to act like this…

That last one is especially hilarious, because the person doesn’t seem to grasp why it might be important for the intern not to crumple the scripts before they are used. And why it might matter less if they are crumpled after they are used. I totally understand why that internship was brief.

Of course it was still more work experience than anyone else on Pann has had, ever. So I’m going to let you in on what the writers were thinking when they saw that young man crumple that script. They were thinking:

You mind sticking that in the recycling bin there, buddy?

Yes, yes, there are writers who are very uptight about how the paper that contains their writing is handled. Those writers write books. These books can take a year–or a decade!–to write. A person might write only one book their entire lives!

Then you have people like the scriptwriters, who have to crank out a new script every week or maybe even every day. Those kinds of writers are a lot less uptight.

Here’s how I keep the newspaper and magazine articles that I wrote.


You expect me to what, frame them or something? The only reason I bothered clipping them out before I (yes) crumpled up the rest of the publication and threw it away is because writers need clips to get jobs.

I also worked in book publishing. Would you like to see the books I worked on?


You can’t! They’re in a closed-front cabinet so that I don’t have to look at them! I kept them for the same reason I kept the clips (and I keep them still because they’re out of the way and don’t bother me any).

And honestly: How much work did it take, exactly, to produce the script that kid crumpled up? Pretty much none, since presumably it was just one of many scripts all xeroxed off at the same time on the same copy machine. Did the kid say his fucking lines? Could you understand them when he spoke? Then he gave the scriptwriter’s precious, precious script exactly the respect it was due.

Where do these dumb-asses think those scripts go after people use them? Off to get bronzed?


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