Ah-ha! A KQ klew!


Annie at Block B International translated an article about Babylon that contains this fascinating tidbit:

KQ Produce is a sub-label of KQ Entertainment together with Seven Seasons, the company Zico is in.

Oh! That makes the reference to a “multi-label system” in the interview with Seven Seasons’ CEO make a LOT more sense, plus it means I was dead wrong to decide that “KQ entertainment company” meant an entertainment company listed on the KQ stock exchange. (There’s basically nothing about KQ Entertainment out there–this is the only thing that could be relevant, and I don’t know that it actually is–and even KQ Produce is pretty much just Babylon.) I’ll update that post, and at some point go over the KQ paragraph again and hopefully come up with a better translation.

ETA: The post has been revised–it was MUCH easier to translate (especially once I figured out that “시모” was somebody’s name), which makes me hopeful that the translation is also much more accurate.


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        • Let’s help him out with a personal ad!

          “Short, weird guy looking for love. Interests include getting tattoos, riding motorcycles and tropical fish (freshwater only). Is willing to perform cunnilingus on a roll of tape but will respond to any suggestion that he likes an actual girl by hiding his face in his hands and shrieking.”

          That should do it!

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