Have another petite traduction….


Another bitty translation! I’m just translating the French subtitles here–and because I’m taking cold medication, I am technically intoxicated, so the tag still works!


Caption: A suspicious box containing something from KCON

Block B is in the room

Park Kyung: Oh! What’s that?

P.O: What’s this thing here? Oh, it’s a box! White box!

B-Bomb: KCON box!!

P.O: You know, we started our “Toy” comeback at KCON

Caption: The best performances

As intended, there is a close relationship between Block B and KCON

Peek-a-boo ♥

P.O: Ah, there, there, what’s that there? It’s an adorable bee~

Caption: KCON BOX Object No. 1

A bee plushy

B-Bomb: Super! Our fan clubs is the BBCs.

Caption: Nickname of Block B’s fan club = bees

A bee + blond hair => foreign fans?!!

P.O: It’s too cute!

U-Kwon: What’s next?

Zico: I think they’re trying to give us clues.

U-Kwon: It’s a cock?

Caption: KCON BOX Object No. 2

A cock

B-Bomb: Is it Kyung?

Caption: He who resembles a cock is too embarassed

Park Kyung: When I made a video, people said that this is what I looked like.

Does it look a lot like me?

B-Bomb: I know that it’s a symbol of a country.

Jaehyo: I think I know.

Park Kyung: Isn’t it a country in Europe?

Jaehyo: I think France is the cock….

Caption: The cock = the animal that symbolizes France

Block B’s intelligent Jaehyo

Park Kyung: Keep going! What else is in there?


The Eiffel Tower

Block B already knows everything

The puzzle was too easy….

KCON 2016 France

Park Kyung: I personally got very close to a French minister on Twitter.

All: WOW~ [Plus an untranslated “Oh, really?” from U-Kwon]

P.O: I was the only one to shake hands with the president!

Caption: He cannot hide his expression of pride

The last item, what is it?

U-Kwon: What was it?

Zico (reading card): For the first time, KCON, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary, will be in France!

Caption: Hello Hello

Park Kyung: June 2, 2016, Paris, France, KCON will be held at the Accor Hotel Arena!

B-Bomb: Everyone! That’s going to happen in 15 days!

Caption: KCON 2016 France D-15!!

Taeil: We invite you to have crazy fun with Block B in France!

[They sing the chorus of “Nalina,” which means “Crazy, crazy, go crazy.”]

P.O: Please look forward to our performance! See

All: you soon!

ETA: BeeSubs has translated the Korean!

* * *

ETA: While I’m at it, I’ll throw in a little explanation of why the V App translator repeatedly confused “BBC” with “B-Bomb” here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.20.06 AM

So, you have to start with how they pronounce “BBC,” which is not bi-bi-si but rather bi-bi-shi. (Why? Look here.)

Then look at B-Bomb’s Korean name, which is pronounced bi-bum. 

Tack on the honorific -씨, which is pronounced –shi, and you have the translator confusing bi-bi-shi and bi-bum-shi, which is a lot more understandable than confusing the English.

Although he did seem to ignore the -들/-deul ending, which is used to indicate that you’re talking about more than one BBC. So, not a stellar job, but not a mind-blowingly awful one either.


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