Tricky sourcing


Getting the fun stuff out of the way first, because why would I dwell on enjoyable things? There’s a solid ton of K-Con France fan cams up on YouTube, so go check them out. I put some up here for now (and I totally recommend the Taeil/Luna duet), but of course there’s more.

(The con didn’t seem to get much coverage by the French press, but honestly, given everything that’s going on there right now, that doesn’t surprise me. Loads of coverage in Korea, though. And Park Kyung and P.O can continue their competition over who knows more fancy people.)

On to the housekeeping: This has been floating around.


It’s a poster for a festival, and it says that Zico’s going to be there.

There’s just one problem: The festival Web site, its Twitter feed, and the various ticketing Web sites don’t mention Zico–and this is a Korean festival, so it’s not like he’s not a big-enough name or anything.

Just F Everyone’s I–it’s not at all uncommon with festivals for the line-up to change, and the posters change as well. The thing is, the Korean fans will often post early drafts of the posters (yeah, someone’s got a mole in a printing shop) or other unconfirmed information that looks very official–and well it should, because it is indeed coming from an official source. (I remember one time a Korean festival’s Japanese Web site said that Block B would be at the festival in Korea–but that turned out to be miscommunication between the festival’s Korean and Japanese offices.)

Korean fans do this because it makes sense for them to know that a performer they’re interested in might appear at, I dunno, the local Earwax Festival. Then they can follow Earwax Festival news and jump on the tickets if it turns out that the performer actually is in the final line-up.

The problem is that this information can be extremely misleading to international fans who don’t know the drill and don’t have great Korean-language skills. Things like draft posters look official–and indeed they come from the festival organizers themselves–but they’re just drafts. If you’re thinking of going (because you live there or will be visiting), you have to be sure to check the final lineup before you pull the trigger.

ETA: OK, now he’s official!


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