This is really cool


What they’re doing is turning down the main vocals and turning up the backing vocals, so you can really hear the layering of different voices. Totally feeds into my fascination with taking the songs apart and looking at the different pieces….

ETA: That second link was a bad one, because I started watching the laser-pointer game again. I HAVE THINGS TO DO.


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    • Oh, they totally back each other live–I think that’s one of the interesting things about watching them perform (especially when they’re not in that strict music-show setting). Except when Taeil is singing super-high, the vocalists pretty much always back each other, and since U-Kwon can rap as well, he’s always going (I think he sings along out of habit, too). He holds his mike down by his stomach so it’s not that loud and brings it up if he thinks he needs more volume; Jaehyo likes to have his mike ready at his mouth so he can jump in when needed. They’re a good team!

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