Vote for B-Booty!


If you don’t know, Kpopalypse does annual Best Boobs and Best Ass in K-Pop posts. Usually the boobs posts are his opinion, but since he’s not much of an ass man, he opened up the Best Ass competition to voting, and then last year he decided that, since he was just reporting other people’s votes anyway, he might as well let them vote on men’s asses as well as women’s.

Unfortunately I did not realize this until I read the results–and sadly, our beloved B-Bomb’s booty did not appear at all.



This, in all seriousness, is one of the few times in the past three years when I have genuinely felt like a bad fan.

This year, Kpopalypse is letting people vote again–and better yet, you can vote for boobs, men’s abs, asses of either gender, and overall hotness for either gender! Yes, it is (cue trumpet music) The Kpopalypse 2016 Super Objectification Survey! Winning it is without question the highest honor in K-Pop!


And allow me to redeem myself for last year and lobby for B-Bomb’s butt!

This is a man who gives of his booty!

And gives!

The bodaciousness of B-Bomb’s beautiful booty is well-recognized by the other members of Block B…

…and it inspires fans! (Song NSFW!)

It even pops out when you least expect it!

And if you go to the 4:16 mark, you will discover that the quality of the B-Booty is more than skin deep!

The wonder, the glory–the B-Butt!


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