This is actually pretty awesome


I can’t get it to embed or anything, but “The Collaboration” (the Chinese/Korean show Zico is on) has put a bunch of video online, including Zico’s performance, him getting pranked, and him leading everyone in a singalong of that one Chinese song he knows from kindergarten. It’s all pretty fun to watch even if you don’t understand Chinese (and the Chinese and Korean idols do use some English to communicate with each other, so it’s not completely incomprehensible).

ETA: Apparently the show is doing really well in China! Cool! And there’s a subbed version up here.


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    • It’s not really a rap contest (I don’t think any of the Chinese idols rap). My understanding is that the Chinese and Korean idols will pair off to create four Chinese/Korean teams, and then they’ll do a bilingual performance. And I think it’s audience voting on the performances–so, you know, it will probably boil down to who has the biggest fan base. Oh well.

  1. Since YG is a partner on that show, I don’t expect the outcome to be different from Mino winning. Plus Winner popularity is no joke in China, but Zico was really cute on the show. I wish he win the heart of the chineses

  2. Oh man, since I sorta understand Chinese I was excited for this, am so glad they posted the full episode online!

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