Traffic, traffic


I wanted to share what I’ve been seeing over at for the past several months:

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.06.41 PM

So, that’s monthly traffic over the past year. (Earlier charts for 2015 and 2014 are in this post.) The October 2015 spike was for the U.S. tour, then things settled down until the release of “Toy” in April 2016.

I’ll point out that, while that was a relatively quiet period, it wasn’t totally quiet–Zico released a bunch of singles, Park Kyung was doing Problematic Men, and Block B toured Japan and released the Japanese version of “Jackpot.” But that’s the kind of thing that doesn’t usually move the needle much on an English-language site like

Obviously a full-group comeback can cause a bit of plateau afterward (you can see that in 2014 after H.E.R was released), and they’ve been busy since. But I continue to suspect that a lot of the traffic is the result of their improved international outreach, as well as their specific efforts to reach out in China (I’m definitely seeing a bump right now from “The Collaboration”).

I also think that Block B is doing better in Japan, and not just because they sold more albums this release–I’m getting more Japanese-language searches. I never really used to get those before because, naturally enough, they all went to Block B Japan. But I’m getting Japanese searches for the mixtapes these days, which is interesting. Either the existing Japanese fans are getting a lot more hardcore, or (and this is what I suspect) Japanese hip-hop fans are realizing that there’s actually quite lot of joy to be had with Block B for them as well.


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