The price of success


One of the bittersweet things about running has been having to nix parts of the Web site I really like because, with all the releases of all their recent material, the pages have gotten too big and unwieldy.

For example, back when the Web page started, down at the bottom of the FAQ page I had a collection of funny pictures and videos of the boys as sort of a hidden bonus to anyone who really went all the way through the site.

But after “Very Good” came out, the amount of silly things just grew and grew. I couldn’t not include any of it or throw any of it out, because come on! It was all adorable!

But the page just got bigger and BIGGER and BIGGER until it took forever to load and was simply impossible to edit.

So, one day, I hardened my heart and axed them all. The FAQ page is very boring now. I’m still a little sad about it.

Yesterday I tried to show my nieces one of the funny videos from the Videos page, and it wouldn’t load properly on either my sister’s laptop or my phone. The size of that page has been a growing problem for some time now. Not only has the group put out a lot more songs in recent years, but the Japanese versions also have videos.

Of course the soloists have many videos as well–the strategy of eking out solo singles resulted in a lot of videos. Indeed, at this point, Zico alone has more videos than the group as a whole did back before “Very Good.”

So, I decided to bite the bullet and perform an overdue winnowing of that page. Gone are the funny videos (sob!) and the Japanese videos that are just recuts of the Korean videos. I’ve organized it more explicitly by member, too.

(I’m also wondering about the Albums & Singles page, which is organized more-or-less chronologically. That method worked fine when there were only seven albums, but it’s probably less-than-optimal today. The page still loads fine, though–pictures and links aren’t such data hogs. We’ll see.)

I did keep the “H.E.R” dance practice video on that page, because I am not made of stone, but the others are gone, gone, gone…sigh.

So I thought I’d post them here!


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