Watch it while you can!


(Quite the day for short, random updates, isn’t it?)

So, the English sub of the first episode of The Collaboration got yanked, but episode 2 is up now–I’m 13 minutes in, and it’s pretty freaking hilarious. (They may sing softer music, but the Chinese idols are VERY sarcastic and funny.) Watch it before the copyright police bring the hammer down for no comprehensible reason!

And yes,

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 7.14.49 PM.png

You are watching the pan-Asian remake of Revenge of the Nerds.


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  1. Pretty much the only time where I find my ability to speak mandarin is at an advantage here in kpop lol. I just watched the episodes and honestly I’m really not wowed by it. Unfortunately Zico’s popularity isn’t as high in China as the other idols so that would work against him but that rearrangement of I am you, you are me is genius! The chinese idols in the show… I only know one of them Hu Xia who won a singing competition in Taiwan so I didn’t care much for the rest of them. Probably because I’m chinese? So I did feel like they were trying to act cocky/ come off as more badass than they really are to compensate against the korean idols so i’m not that keen on them right now. And to be very honest with you, 100% there is no way in hell a korean idol will win, it is rigged. They’ve always got singing competitions where for eg a more well known taiwanese singer enters in China and no matter how well they do, its always the lesser known chinese singers that win.

    • I don’t think it’s actually important that Zico win the show–it’s more about exposure than anything else. I agree that Zico & Hu Xia’s rearrangement was awesome and went off really well (I also liked Seungyoon & Yu Tian’s), and that’s what really matters–plus they pointed out that Zico wrote Mino’s song. If he’s getting established in the Chinese public’s mind as a musical genius, that is a very good thing.

      I was actually kind of surprised how willing the show was to make the Chinese idols look like they needed some help. They played up how annoyed Jay Park was and how much more work Mino put into the stage than Wang Yue Xin. Even Hu Xia (who I thought did just fine on stage) was like, “I have no idea about stage direction! I just did everything Zico told me to do!”

  2. I’ve been trying to google that guy who collabbed with Zico, but I seem to get results for schools, not who the person is. Do you know his name? i thought it was Huxia.

  3. I really love huxia & zico’s chemistry. you can see it grow over the episodes ❤
    huxia is really likeable. his attitude, and how he's so open to new things and willing to learn.

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