I guess we should celebrate the moment


This kind of thing is only “quite unexpected” if you’ve been keeping your head where the sun doesn’t shine, but:

“Toy” is the top digital song by a male group in Korea for the first six months of 2016.

The Blooming Period album sold the most digital songs of any a male group in Korea for the first six months of 2016.

“Boys and Girls” did SUPER well, and “Inferiority Complex” did quite well

…but they aren’t really popular.

I’m kidding. Whoo! Yeah for Block B!

To put stuff in perspective and avoid annoying triumphalism here, though, I’m going to point out that BTOB, which came in sixth on the Korean male-group digital sales front, handily whips Block B’s ass on Oricon. So, you know, don’t get too focused on the horse race.


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  1. hehe pretty much block b does well ONLY in Korea. I wish they had more fans in other countries but not sure, doesn’t feel they have many, even talking to BBCs u don’t find that many.
    I don’t think even if they became saints and never get involved in any scandal for the rest of their professional life that might change much. Inetz hold a deep grudge and never forget to trash them for newcomers in kpop. Since they last comeback I have being searching about them a lot and honestly, there are so many people that ignore them totally. They don’t even bother checking or saying anything about them if is to be positive, but anything that is relate to any of them that is bad, they take the chance to bash hardcore.
    Honestly I don’t know any group that inetz (not all I know but a very large part) love to hate so much like them and to be fair there are tons of groups that did similar things that were overlooked cause people like them more.
    I like them a lot, I cheer for them, so makes me sad sometimes to acknowledge that stuff really happens. I get Zico screw up with some stuff and is not to be ignored, but doesn’t necessarily turn them into bad people or “trash” like they call them a lot.

    Hope they get someone good to help with PR and hopefully someone that can keep track of international issues too, to avoid unnacessary problems in future. I get super happy at least in korea they are safe for now, but inside always in fear for the next scandal to make their lifes harder. Specially knowing anything can become a problem. I feel even they are aware about this, cause they have being extra carefull.
    T_T Sorry about the rant, I’m a traumatized BBC. Can’t protect them 😦

  2. Lillyfe it helps to follow people who block about block b alot on twitter or tumblr, thats how I get my “fix” of block b whenever I go away for a while hehe. But yea, they get bashed a bit for what they did so mannnnyyy long years ago which honestly wasn’t even that bad when you compare the stuff thats coming out in the wash lately…you know..toilets…beatings… but I digress. And lately, the stuff thats posted on kpop websites have been very positive about block b and I’m a happy bee for that.

    • Yeah–the news has been good for them, so it’s been hard to spin it as them being “cursed” or whatever. Plus I think it helps that Koreans quite obviously DGAF about the various scandals (both actual and invented) that have supposedly tainted them FOREVER.

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