A little explanation for the slow about how “Hit the Stage” voting works


OK, I know I should ignore The K-Pop Stupid out there, but here’s a little primer on the way Hit the Stage voting works for the benefit of some of the dumber NCT fans.

You may be looking at two YouTube videos and deciding that you really, really want to fuck Ten that Ten’s solo dance was technically more challenging than U-Kwon’s.

I’m not sure why we’re not judging the choreography or performance as a whole (other than some people really, really want to fuck Ten), but you know, let’s pretend that this is a some kind of solo flexibility competition, which is why absolutely no one used backup dancers, costumes, music, or stage effects.

Anyway: The point is, you have to look at the way the voting operates in Hit the Stage, which, by the way, is exactly how it operates in Immortal Song 2. These two performances were not judged head-to-head–that simply didn’t happen.

What happened is that Ten performed, and received a score. Then Bora performed, and received a score. Then Momo performed, and received a score. Then U-Kwon performed, and received a score.

Again, this is exactly how Immortal Song 2 operates. You want to know something about that show?

The person who goes first never wins! 

And everybody knows it! That’s why no one wanted to go first, and why Bora apologized to Ten for putting him first.

Why doesn’t the first person ever win? Because people are not being given a ballot where they have to pick one performer to vote for–they’re just voting away at each performance using their little clickers. It’s basically a quieter version of the Clap-o-meter.

Maybe the audience thinks in a comparative fashion at the outset: Hm, Bora was pretty good but not as good as that Ten fellow! I won’t click for her. But very quickly they forget how much they voted for the first act, and they clickclickclick their little voting devices whenever something exciting–like a human motorcycle or a falling tower of people–happens.

Acting like a show that uses a Clap-o-meter should be held to the same standards as a presidential election or something, and crying voter fraud! because your precious, precious Ten (who is never, ever going to fuck you, you need to come to terms with that now) lost by four votes is just incredibly stupid and pathetic.

And I won’t even get into the people who are calling [pick one! Bora or Momo] a whore, because [Bora/Momo’s] dance was slutty and awful, while in contrast, [Bora/Momo’s] dance was a work of high art, unsullied by filthy female sexuality.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given that people managed to be assholes about a freakin’ 1-minute-and-48-second previewBut honestly: Hit the Stage is a fun show, and everyone on it is very talented! Try not to ruin it for those of us who aren’t bitter and crazy, OK?


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  1. Wow thank you for summing up the voting process. I’m so psyched by Ukwon’s performance and honestly at the end of the day hes not going to be able to hold onto that trophy when Taemin performs..that man is a dancing monster lol so its nice that Ukwon gets to have his week to shine. Win or lose, did you see the way Ukwon smiled? I think he was just glad to have a chance to show off his dancing and get his name out there. That boy just has an innate ability to grab the stage, off stage hes this quiet unassuming character but onstage, its like a switch is flicked and he just goes booommm.

    • Yeah, the chances of U-Kwon being able to keep the trophy are nil, because next episode he’ll be in the same position (actually one spot worse) than Ten was in this episode…. But he chose his spot wisely and did really well!

  2. Ukwon was amazing!
    His timing, expressions, everything, perfect. I’m so psyched for the stage with Yooa too.

    I only watched his performance since I couldn’t care less about anyone else barring Shownu – & I couldn’t find Shownu’s performance.

    • Shownu, Taemin, Hyoyeon & Hoya are next week.

      Definitely look up Ten’s performance, though–some of his fans may be complete idiots (standard issue for an SM group, I suppose), but he did do a really good job.

      • Mentally, I can’t take on more info. I am recapping Old Nine Gates over at The Problematic of the Unproblematic, and I also have work, and the family visit and reading and research…

        Even if this show gets subbed, I’d skip everyone except Ukwon and Shownu.

  3. Oh man, the mess that is with the comments from today’s performance =/ NCT fans are very salty and people saying u-kwon didn’t dance at all…
    I do agree judging by skills and individual performance Ten was better, but if we judge group presentation and stage performance in my opinion u-kwon used really well the resources he had. Plus, the creepy stages is block b’s specialty, was really easy for them to come up with something cool.
    Saying that I do wish u-kwon would show a bit more his dancing, he is great, piss me off people think he can’t dance and rely on his crew. Hopefully episode 2 performing with the Oh my girl idol he show that better.

    I am still not sure what exactly they are expecting there but I think u got it right, remind me immortal song 2, sometimes people win with average performances, depends on the public.

    Next week I am pretty sure Hoya, Taemin and the GG girl I don’t remember will score more than he did, cause the 3 of them have strong stage presence and lots of fans on the audience as far as I know. hehe

    • Oh, I agree. They’re all like, But Ten was FLEXIBLE!!!! like U-Kwon isn’t??? They don’t know shit about him, obviously–he was the only one watching Ten contort who didn’t look like this was something he’d never seen before. U-Kwon took a different approach, that’s all, and it’s such a shame that these people can’t just sit back and enjoy all the great dance!

      Now I want Ten and U-Kwon to do an Exorcist Crawl race!

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