A friendly reminder that “personal reasons” are indeed personal


So, Park Kyung was not at K-Con LA.

The reason given was, you know, personal reasons.

And that’s that. Really, folks, speaking from experience: Just let that kind of thing lie. Personal reasons = none of your business.

I know people mean well when they say things like, “I hope he’s OK!!” But I doubt very much that Park Kyung missed a well-publicized event that he was scheduled to appear at just because he doesn’t like traveling much. Zico wound up in charge of the English, for God’s sake.

At times like this, having well-meaning people telling you that they hope EVERYTHING IS OK THINGS ARE OK YOU’RE OK RIGHT? I NEED FOR YOU TO BE OK can be a real burden when everything is NOT fucking OK. When my father broke his hip, and then had a heart attack, and then died, hearing that kind of thing from people made me want to throw up and punch them in the face, all at the same time.

(And because he lived in California, everyone up here in the Seattle area assumed I must be going down there to drink margaritas and surf in the beautiful sunshine. California is a Magic Fairy Kingdom where nothing bad ever happens!!!)

Last time stuff like this was happening, it turned out that Park Kyung’s grandfather died. Whatever is going on this time around, it’s not about you and your needsYou have to be really sensitive and think twice (or maybe three or four times) before you go posting on his social media or anything, all right?

ETA: I got a query over at BlockB.com from someone pointing out that Park Kyung has actually missed several events. While technically this is true, typically these absences have been announced in advance and have been due to the shooting schedule for Problematic Men.


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  1. Have you seen Park Kyung’s instagram video about Tteokbokki that shows he is alive and well in Korea? Its funny how I never really placed an emphasis on ot7 but without Kyung at Kcon, it really did feel like something was missing especially when it came to Kyung’s parts. I hope everything is alright with him and its nothing too serious tho.

  2. I absolutely hate that question, “Are you okay?” If you have to ask, then most likely not. Smashed your head open? Are you okay? Tortured in prison? Are you okay? Unconscious? Are you okay?

    So stupid.

    • Yeah, I can see it when it’s meant honestly–you fell, I want to know if you just tripped or if I need to call 911. But so often it’s code for, “Tell me that everything is fine so that I can feel good.”

      After my dad died, people kept asking me how my mom was doing, and I would reply, “As well as could be expected.” Since this was in California (EVERYONE IS HAPPY HERE, GOD DAMN IT!!!!!), that was viewed as rather a shocking answer….

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