Europe is definitely excited!


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That’s 546 unique visitors so far today on–and it’s only 1 pm here. That beats what was presumably the record of 446 visitors when “Toy” came out. (ETA: Traffic for the day: 848 visitors. Whoa.)

Of course, I can’t really put anything on the Schedule page, because there’s no actual schedule yet! Just “early October” and maybe another city or two will be added, which would be awesome–I’m making do with a header on the Home page for now.

(Helsinki is already on the docket, of course, because Block B + Finland = True Love Always! And what pretty cities they’ll be at…I’m definitely feeling tempted.)

If another city or two were added, that would make it a six or seven-city tour! Wow. Given the response last time (plus K-Con France sold out in a heartbeat), I’m not too surprised, but that’s definitely good news.

Schedule-wise, all of October is kind of like this: Block B is slated to be part of the Busan One Asia Festival, but no date yet. The Collaboration cast is supposed to appear October 20th, but they don’t know where. Zico is supposed to appear at the Spectrum Dance Music Festival, but they don’t know which day (and hopefully it won’t conflict with Busan). Things will settle down when the dates get closer, but the vagueness always bothers my compulsive self….

P.S. I’m going to link back to an old post about how simply having votes isn’t necessarily enough to get the group to your city. Helsinki and Paris weren’t initially on the docket last tour, but they were able to get Block B there, so you can too!


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