Final dribs and drabs


So, traffic on has been like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.13.49 PM

The HUGE bump came with the announcement of a European tour, and the bench afterward has been mostly people looking at the Schedule page (which, alas, still has nothing useful–once they announce dates, I’ll put them up).

The exception was today, which wasn’t significantly higher overall-numbers-wise but had a lot more people going to the Members page, presumably to check out Seolhyun’s new boyfriend.

Which made me really happy about the quote that appears on that page as well as this picture:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.14.17 PM

Just bask in it….

* * *

If you’re curious, there are two video clips with English subtitles where Zico is probably talking about Seolhyun.

This one, which I can’t get to embed, is an episode of Radio Star that aired in late January. At about the 15:50 mark, Zico talks about how he had a crush on a celebrity but she turned him down twice; however, he thinks it’s important to persevere.

And then this was put up just yesterday:

It’s the episode of Taxi that aired in early May, and starting at about the 19:05 mark, Zico says that he had a flirtation with a friend who was not at all his ideal physical type. (The but-she’s-too-skinny! crowd should read this. And be happy that inner beauty does really and truly count for something.)

* * *

There’s been a lot of shit shoveled in Netizen Buzz’ direction because How DARE she translate negative comments and poorly reported articles!!!

I’m going to send people to this post again and remind them: The problem is not Netizen Buzz. The problem is that 1. these shit articles exist, 2. these stupid Korean haters exist, and 3. they can have an actual impact on K-Pop careers.

Problem #4 is that many people who aren’t Korean believe everything they read, including everything they read on Netizen Buzz, even when the source material is complete bullshit. (ETA: I guess I should make this clear–no one else reported what Sports Daily reported, and Seven Seasons’ response to the story was to post the original confirmation to social media.) The i-netz running around screaming because Zico “denied” his relationship with Seolhyun are ignorant fools, but that is not the fault of Netizen Buzz.

I for one appreciate knowing what’s going on in Korean hater circles, because otherwise no one could possibly begin to address what crops up. Yes, K-netz and the K-Pop press make up shit! Yes, much of it has no basis in reality! That’s why it’s good to know it’s there. It would never occur to me that anyone would ever look at Seven Seasons’ statement and say that it was a denial, but that’s because I don’t wear my crazy glasses when I read. Other people clearly do, and it helps to know what they’re pretending happened.

If you feel like reading Netizen Buzz does not provide you with accurate information about what’s going on in the world of K-Pop, congratulations on your insight! Maybe try another news source, OK? None of them are particularly good, but Netizen Buzz does not pretend to be a newspaper. Stop acting surprised that it is not.


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  1. So all I’ve seen from seven seasons was that statement. But everyone has been quoting this article Which apparently states that seven seasons denied their relationship. To me, this just doesn’t make any sense?! Why would you confirm then deny now making Zico look extremely bad and to be honest, if that was my bf… Now I do want to know if 7seas did deny the relationship but my Korean is near to zero. Are you able to decipher if a mistranslation was what happened?

    • It’s not mistranslation: According to Sports Daily, Seven Seasons denied the relationship–but only to Sports Daily! And then =after= the Sports Daily article came out, Seven Seasons posted their original statement to social media, but God forbid Sports Daily pull down their story–think of all the clicks it’s getting!

      In other words, the K-Pop media sucks ass, and netizens like to pretend that lies are true. Benefits everyone but the truth!

    • She is curvy, and she won Kpopalypse’s Best Ass survey twice, but apparently Zico’s type is a bit heftier. Doesn’t matter–they like each other anyway!

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