This is morbidly fascinating


So, Netizen Buzz has been a-translating away, and I find this sequence of articles to be really…instructive about the way K-Pop haters operate.

The first article NB translates states that Zico’s label basically denied the relationship–but it’s pretty much the only article out there saying this, everyone else cited Seven Seasons’ statement as confirmation. (As indeed it was–denials say things like “They aren’t dating” and “This is completely untrue” and “If you say that’s true, I’m going to sue you,” not “They have a close relationship.”)

Pretending that the relationship hasn’t been confirmed and that there’s no possible legitimate reason for the label to be vague (her privacy? his privacy? anyone?) is what netizens did in the third and fourth article here. It’s really fucked up, because basically they were looking for a way to slut-shame Seolhyun, and this is how they did it: Hey, did you know that #ManyPeopleAreSaying that Seolhyun’s a whore because her label isn’t being honest? Of course, if the label was honest (“She says it’s the best sex she’s ever had!”), netizens would get their panties in a wad over that–just ask Sulli.

But now this narrative that There’s Something Not Right With This Here Relationship! has the confirmation of one entire article!!! Now netizens can slut-shame Seolhyun not simply because her label is dishonest, but because Zico is a cad! It’s not the netizens’ fault–they’re not sexist or hypocrites or fucking idiots! They’re being forced to do it!!


And that’s what’s happening as you read down the sequence: Hey, man, if Zico hadn’t been such a sleazebag, we wouldn’t be forced to point out that SEOLHYUN IS A WHORE WHORE WHORE!!!! Who likes sex with her boyfriend! I wonder what that’s like? God, I’m lonely….

Right. Glad we’re clear as to where to lay the blame.

Anyway, like the mythical appearance of the Imperial Japanese flag during Block B’s Korean independence day performance, this is in all likelihood something that haters will try and try (AND TRY AND TRY) to make important, but that the general public just won’t give a fuck about. Zico and Seolhyun are both adults, and despite what netizens seem to believe, adults 1. are allowed to enjoy sex, and 2. aren’t compelled to share every last detail of their love lives with the media.

P.S. But what if, after sex, Zico and Seolhyun ate rice pizza!?!??!!?!?!?!!!


ETA: I will say that one thing about this that actually makes me happy is that it doesn’t look like the larger English-language K-Pop news outlets are running with this as a story just because it’s been translated. That’s a considerable improvement over the past, so good for them. (Omona They Didn’t and Koreaboo are still happy to publish lies of course, but did you expect any different?)


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  1. Good for them both. I don’t care what anyone says, if you miss that crucial window in your 20s and early 30s to partner up, then it’s so much harder later on.

    I want all Block B dating and married.

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