Things I have learned from SJWs today


  1. Koreans should never hire African Americans. This is a deeply racist practice that must be stopped. (Brought to you courtesy of the people who think that Korean musicians should never take pictures of themselves with African-American fans.)
  2. If you see a hip-hop music video, and you object to a visual element in the video, the person who only produced the music for the video and had nothing to do with directing the video is to blame.
  3. People who write hip-hop music, no matter how successfully or for how long, know nothing about hip-hop and should stop now.

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  1. Is amusing that a bit after this CL released her song and the MV is cultural appreciation for everybody that saw. She is not geting any backlash lol The moment I saw her with paper bag drinking, I had to stop cause neither the music or the video were very good. International fans have no real standards. I love Zico but I won’t say he is a saint and he does make some stupid mistakes with american rap culture that he doesn’t need, his style and songs are great he doesn’t need them to be cool. As non american I don’t get how they feel but I respect, but I really hate that they only preach when is someone they dislike. Zico wasn’t even the one responsable for that video, wasn’t his idea, he didn’t change to dress like that, but he was blamed as a bystander and evil mind behind all that. Meh, just another day in kpop, honestly.

    • I’m American and have been into hip-hop since the 1980s, and fuck if I know what the logic is. We just lack the psychic powers SJWs have that allow them to determine racist intent. This video is not that different from “White and Nerdy,” but that video’s not racist because Weird Al is a white American, see? It’s like how there’s nothing wrong with Paul Wall appearing in the song and video “Grillz” (and of course he wears grills), but Korean hip-hop artists cannot wear grills, because they must be racist. Whatever!

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