Interesting, but not shocking


An eagle-eyed Pann poster (I guess they’re not all crazy) noticed that Ten’s initial performance for Hit the Stage was edited together from at least two different performances.

And they’re right: His choker and bracelet appear and disappear during the performance, especially during the backbends. (The mist isn’t consistent, either.)

see it

Now you see it…

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 7.03.24 PM

now you don’t.

I’m going to hazard from the audience reaction that Ten pulled the moves off just fine during the performance, and I’d guess from the camera angles that Hit the Stage reshot the dance because they didn’t get close shots of his backbends during the original performance. (I knew a guy in college who wound up on a reality show and wrote about it–he said they had to go through doorways five or six times every fucking time so the show could get all the necessary shots.)

But this should serve as yet another reminder that reality television is NOT reality. What you are seeing on the screen could very well be quite different from what the audience saw in the studio.


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