Living well is the best revenge


The hilarious K-netz hate over Zico continues on Netizen Buzz, because Zico dared to post a picture of himself on Instagram!

YeLla #FXCD #gosharubchinskiy #isetan

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Yup, there he is, doing an event in Japan, looking like a dork, and just generally living his life the way he always does.

Which INFURIATES the haters!

All he knows is how to act like a tryhard because he thinks his skills and wealth can cover for the rest but he’s actually a pathetic coward on the inside with nothing to show

Fine, have some attention ㅋ He’s trying so hard to act like none of this affects him ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

He’d really be just some local thug if he wasn’t a singer[. . . .]

Yup, all he knows is how to, you know, do what he normally does and ignore the miserable haters and their pathetic hatred.

And they can’t stand it!!! Why isn’t he withdrawing from public life like they told him to? Why is he acting like they don’t exist!? Why is he such a thug!?! Why is he taking away their power!?!?!?!


Hm, let’s see if we can make them a little more crazy: Here are some fancams from the event!

See how happy and relaxed Zico looks as he is surrounded by his adoring fans–after that he’s got a couple of solo concerts in Japan, then back to Korea and his beautiful girlfriend, then a European tour with Block B, and then Korea again where presumably he’ll release another massive hit (sooner rather than later, if this is any guide)!

Did you know that “Boys and Girls” is still on Gaon, and “I Am You, You Are Me” jumped up 15 spots in the past week?

Zico’s life is going awesome right now!

Thanks for caring, assholes!


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