Good video, bad video


Starting with the obnoxious: Taeil appeared on Inkigayo with three other notable K-Pop vocalists to do a really beautiful performance, which Inkigayo, in keeping with the high production quality typical of Korean music shows, managed to fuck up by playing part of Black Pink’s “Boombayah” over the beginning of the song.

That’s probably going to get yanked very soon (watch it here if it is), because instead of just clipping the first few seconds to remove the error, Inkigayo decided not to put this performance on YouTube.

Remember kids, whenever you make a mistake, the very best response is to scorch the Earth for miles around, so that no one will ever know that you’re human! And then they won’t bring up the fact that these “Voice of Inkigayo” things haven’t been going very well, largely because Inkigayo doesn’t seem to be very good at putting them together, so maybe fans shouldn’t put these shows and their crap production values and their fucking stupid trophies up on some kind of pedestal, OK?

Anyway, there is a fun video to be had in this post, taken by a fan at Zico’s Summersonic performance in Japan.

Yup! Into the crowd he goes at the 2:20 mark (security? who needs security?), and kudos to Millic there for going right in after him and letting Zico climb up on him! That man is a sport!

ETA: Here’s a closer shot.

#summersonic #zico

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At least there were those little fences. This time.


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