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We’re having a bit of a Korean K-Pop press vs. English-language K-Pop press divide over the whole Zico dissing his haters story, and I though I’d get into that for a bit.

For starters, I wanted to point out that, although there were English translations coming out on Twitter within a few hours of the performance, the English-language K-Pop press didn’t touch it until almost a day had gone by.

Why not? Because the Korean K-Pop press didn’t touch it until almost a day had gone by, so yeah–the English-language sites are always piggybacking off the Korean, uh, “reporting.”

But why didn’t the Korean K-Pop press cover it when it happened? Well, given their work ethic, I’m going to assume that’s because Zico didn’t Tweet or Instagram it, so they actually had to look something up online or something.

In contrast, today Jun Hyun Moo did Instagram this:

and it got just about as many stories–in the Korean K-Pop press.

So, if you’re wondering again if this sort of thing is representative of the Korean public at large, the answer is still NO. These are a minority of crazy people, and lo and behold, they persevere in their craziness despite the problems it causes them in Korean society.

Indeed, given how this was pretty much a nothing story in Korea but a HUGE story in the international K-Pop media, I think international fans could stand to ponder a bit about who, exactly, are the people who are abnormally obsessed with K-Pop idols’ private lives?

* * *

Another thing that I’ve seen some international fans adopt is the Korean hater line that, if only the couple didn’t do _____, they wouldn’t be receiving all this hate.

For starters, the notion that there’s aaaalllllllllllll this hate out there coming from everybody in Korea has pretty much been debunked given the exposure of organized hate campaigns undertaken by small numbers of people. There’s a reason that most of these hate campaigns come to nothing!

But the other thing is that this is a very, very common line adopted by abusers: If only you would pick up your room, I wouldn’t have to hit you with my belt. If only you weren’t so pretty, I wouldn’t have to follow you around everywhere you go. If only you didn’t act so gay, I wouldn’t have to attack you with a baseball bat.

It’s not Korean culture, and it’s not K-Pop culture: It’s a bullshit excuse concocted by abusive people who don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions.

And there’s not something celebrities can do to avoid this, because the problem is with the haters, not the couple. I mean, I keep seeing Zico/Seolhyun compared to Choiza/Sulli, in spite of the fact that Sulli is still being very actively hated upon. And now people are throwing U-Kwon/Sunhye into the mix–really? Are they supposed to be a couple that hasn’t had these problems? Honestly, Choiza/Sulli and U-Kwon/Sunhye have had enough hate thrown at them to fuel a pogrom–and it doesn’t matter what they do.

People who hate can always find a reason–always. Think about it: Why the fuck should a couple worry about how complete strangers judge the appearance of their relationship? Why is that the most important thing? A relationship is not a performance, and the opinion of outsiders really should not mean much.


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    • Absolutely! And you see some of the Korean commenters on Zico/Seolhyun just begging for more of that–“Why didn’t he pick her up and take her to a romantic cafe the way X did for Y? When people saw that, they couldn’t help but support the relationship!” Like, are we REALLY going to pretend those oh-so romantic dates weren’t planned with that exact goal in mind? Hell, they probably called the media first to make sure there would be photographers available!

  1. So many people hating on Zico and riding on the “I pity seolhyun” bandwagon. Like comeon people, she’s a grown woman. She’s dating a young man that’s on the up and up and not some old crusty sponsor. There’s nothing to pity her about. They’re calling out Zico on making her go to his house? Do they honestly think him going to her dorm or renting some hotel room is even better?! Where else do you think they can go since they’re suppose to date on the down low. They’re still so young, it’s not like they are dating to get married in a few months, of course he’s not going to loudly proclaim his love from the rooftop since relationships succeed and fail just like that and it’s honestly none of anyone’s business. i even saw someone comment Zico should learn from Ukwon about how to handle public relationships. I couldn’t help it, I cackled.

    • Honestly, what U-Kwon learned even once his relationship became public was to keep it very discreet. People did NOT handle it well when he and Sunhye were public about everything.

      Most of those people don’t know the first thing about Block B, of course. I saw commenters on AKP who didn’t know what the “past mistakes” line was in reference to–like, really? You don’t know about the Thailand scandal? Just go and read the Wikipedia article, OK?

      And if I lived in AOA’s dorm, I’d be running off to Zico’s every chance I got even if it was to just play Jenga. Peace & quiet, please!

      • You know what I find funny? Honestly I would totally go to a friend’s house to play games. Not being ironic, people act like the only reason why a guy and a girl meet is to have sex, that ain’t true and we will never know what is really going on between them. I do not believe korean girls will jump into beds without having a relationship going on, specially if u are a female celebrity and in a respectable family cause they have more issues with casual sex than we do in western and even here there are tons of cases that people date for a while before jumping into that stage. What bothers me a lot is people talk so much about misogyne and how society treat women bad and I do agree is a sad reality, but that same people are ok in making sexist and misogyne comments about other people’s life and the jokes they made about them having sex, her facing his mom’s tattoo and even a gif with pokemons suggesting Zico was giving her good oral sex etc… just make me think people only mature and educated when is interesting for them or convenient. They talk big about so many social issues but I see so many of them having double standards cause there is a difference in judgment when someone is ur bias or someone u hate. I just can’t really respect most users online, opinions should be the same for human beings despite gender, culture, race, religion, but reality is really just the same online and irl, people have selective memory and just enjoy being assholes for fun.

        • Yeah–some of the humor stems from the whole we-never-date thing idols do, but there’s a LOT of judgement out there, and I’m sure plenty of it is coming from folks who aren’t exactly paragons of chastity themselves (or won’t be once they finish puberty) or who are just looking for an excuse to rip into people. Obviously couples need alone time for many reasons, but if Zico & Seolhyun have been dating for five months (and have known each other for who knows how long before), then no one’s “jumping” into anything!

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