The European tour has been delayed


If you didn’t know, My Music Taste has announced that Block B’s European tour will be delayed until January/February.

I can’t say I’m shocked. For one thing, the lag in releasing details seemed very unlike My Music Taste. Because the alternative is traveling to Korea or maybe Japan, K-Pop fans in Western markets are really willing to travel to see groups. But of course that means they need more lead time to get together the money, book travel and hotels, etc. Sometimes organizers can be pretty blind to this fact, because it’s not necessarily true for non-K-Pop groups, but you would think that, given their area of specialty, My Music Taste would be very aware.

The second thing was that the original announcement was for five cities, hopefully with another city or two to come. The thing is, unless there’s a holiday or something, Block B is pretty much limited to doing two shows a week–typically Friday and Sunday. So even just five cities = three weeks. Given that they’re already scheduled for the first weekend in October, that would be cutting things really close with the release of their upcoming Japanese album October 26.


So, in spite of the fact that the rescheduling means that they could very well be visiting Moscow in January (brrrrrr), I think it’s for the best, and hopefully it means that they can tour more cities.

I am also looking at that empty, empty schedule and going hmmmmm….


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    • Judging from his social media, U-Kwon is also dieting, and is none too thrilled about that fact. It’s probably for the Japanese release, though–this is going to be their first longer-than-two-songs album in Japan, and they did well with “Toy,” so it looks like they may be doing a bigger push than usual.

      As for a Korean release–they keep hinting and HINTING that Bastarz is coming out with something soon, so that’s what I’m expecting.

      • Usually they diet closer to time, though. The Japanese release isn’t for another 6 weeks, and the diets usually start a month or less before anything big.

        Sigh, I was hoping for another Jaehyo Men’s Helath type spread.

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