Forcing myself to be positive here


If you’re curious what this whole stupid fan boycott looks like:

Yeah. Those are some angry fans there, right? Can’t enjoy themselves at all!

Just keep in mind that even as this nonsense gets reported in the English-language K-Pop press, it’s not been a story in Korea aside from a couple of items on the YouTube account going down. Once it became clear that Seven Seasons hadn’t taken down its YouTube channel on purpose, the 세븐시즌스_싫어요안사요 and 세븐시즌스_싫어요_안사요 hashtags stopped trending in Korea. (And those mean, “Seven Seasons_hate you[_]not buying.” The whole “KQ feedback please!” English hashtag is an example–and not the only one–of how this campaign has been tidied of its nastier elements for international consumption.)

What the boycott campaign is at this point is a relatively small number of unfortunately well-placed individuals, including certain KBBCs (not all of them by any stretch!) who I personally think got burned out on keeping up with Block B some time ago. And I should note that I understand that–but the appropriate thing to do under such circumstances is to stop working so hard, not to organize a fucking boycott. It’s sad to watch people go from being drama-free reporters of Block B news to the stereotypical self-centered control-freak Queen Bee fans, but now there’s a little circle of entitled fans who encourage the absolute worst in each other, and we’re seeing the results of that.

It’s not the first time this has happened, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It’s dumb, but in the big picture, it’s not going to matter any more than any of the other dumb shit that has happened.


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  1. Good to see you still positive, I’m sincerely not, seeing that now even fanbases and subtitling groups are reposting and getting in in the boycott bandwagon. I saw the same in the YG area and I know that they will leave, between other kpop fans, the feeling that KQ is a bad company, at the same level of SM, BAP’s company, Stardom,… And it hurts me because I love the way the guys are so free and implicated in this company and I wish the formula would extend to other groups in kpop. But with the bad publicity now that will be impossible? (I was really difficult before, I know, but now…) I don’t know… sorry for ramble in your blog, I’m quite sad right now.

    • Well, within the industry, YG is very respected and has no problem attracting talent. So I wouldn’t worry about that–people wanting music careers have a very different perspective than people who just want MORE OPPA.

      • Yes, but if fans don’t agree with this kind of company model of handling fans (YG/KQ), would be another companies looking to copy the model?
        I think is just hard for me to see that people who actually do it well and really treat his singers with basic human rights in mind, get so much hate and bad press. But that actually how the world work… Also, as a Ukwon’s fans is really really really irritate me that they’re acting all “we don’t have enough Block B promotions and events” just right now when he’s getting so good press and opportunities with Hit the Stage. I’m here like, I know that is not your oppa so you don’t really care, but pleeease, can we choose another moment? Right now I would love to see the BBCs fandom focusing in Ukwon at least one time… Urgghh

        • Oh, the amount of good news that’s getting ignored is astonishing, isn’t it? Especially right now when they’re doing so very well. It just says something about human nature and how much people are willing to struggle against being happy.

          But YG and KQ are doing well (and there are companies like AOMG that treat artists well and are successful), so–honestly I don’t see this boycott leading to much, it mainly just annoys me because people are being so dumb.

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