Aw, that sucks


Zico and Seolhyun broke up! I won’t be able to use sexy pictures of her as a punchline anymore, whatever shall I do…. (Yes, keep your focus on THE TRUE VICTIM HERE.)

P.S. Well, I hope people liked those melancholic Block B songs, because I think we’re gonna be getting a lot more of them….


P.P.S. Aw, people are so mean! Well, at least his fans are…boycotting.



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    • I think it came about as a reference to a specific rumor or situation (and I don’t know what that is), but the idea is that a guy has a lot of naked girlfriend pictures and/or sex videos on his phone.

      • It’s about his friend Jung Jun Young that have been recently in the eye of the storm because filming sex tapes with his now ex-girlfriend. It’s very confusing so I’m not gonna said anything about that but for a news report is seems that a phone was used but now is broken or something like that. You add that to Zico saying in a old interview with JunYoung that he has a called Golden Phone that all his friends like to see + “never forget the rice pizza” and you have the combination of = Zico like to see sex tapes from that phone knowing that were not consented.
        Yes I don’t understand it neither…

        • Oh, THAT’s where “golden phone” came from–I saw the phrase in relation to the Jung Jun Young scandal and was able to pick up the general meaning, but I didn’t know exactly where it was from. I got it.

        • People as usually mixed up everythong, JJY and Zico were together in Radio Star or somewhere and JJY say that whenever Zico comes to his house he usually checks his other, well ok, ‘golden phone’ for numbers and names of women that JJY met and ask to introduce him to them, but now knetizenes mixed that interview and this particular information and the latest ‘so called’ JJY scandal with his ex, there was no sex tape btw, as usually everything was blown up out of proportions, and create a new story about golden phone with sex videos, ridicules

          • Yeah, I finally saw the article on K-Pop, K-Fans–typical netizen BS. Probably 99% of the remarks that they are taking so seriously today were jokes when they were made, too. On Netizenbuzz there were so many remarks about the breakup along the lines of “Seolhyun has lost all her CFs” that I felt compelled to look it up–total lie, she hasn’t lost any. Just pathetic.

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