What happened to Jaehyo in Shanghai


I don’t know why, but there’s been some interest in the, uh, enthusiasm shown Block B at the Shanghai airport last year. (Block B gets a lot of enthusiasm at airports in China–they have a lot of fans there who never, ever get to see them.) This was an issue at the time because Jaehyo had just had his knee surgery and was in very delicate condition.

And because everyone’s in this let’s-shit-on-Seven-Seasons mindset, it’s being bandied around that the enthusiasm happened because THERE WAS NO SECURITY BECAUSE THEIR COMPANY IS HORRIBLE BOYCOTT BLOCK B!!!! BOYCOTT BLOCK B!!!!!! BOYCOTT BLOCK B!!!!!

Or, you know, maybe we could search “Block B Shanghai airport” on YouTube and see what happened? (Seriously–this was last year, not 1982. Am I the only one who remembers shit?)

Yup! That was pretty much the entire incident–it honestly wouldn’t have been such a big deal if Jaehyo hadn’t had surgery only three weeks before and couldn’t be jostled. And definitely there was NO security. There was just a bunch of guys in uniforms (meter maids, I guess, or maybe postmen) and large dudes in black (mourners from a football player’s funeral?).


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  1. I’m wondering what the company’s statement about taking on the BBC suggestions means for Jaehyo, because as I recall, the fans either complained he wasn’t working enough, or complained he was working.

    • I think it means that whenever they do the tiniest thing for Block B, they’ll be sure to put it on Twitter or Facebook, because otherwise fans are indeed dumb enough to think these things just kind of =happen=.

    • Yeah, his wide eyes plus everyone being protective of him was really cute. And Zico’s just, like, 50, 60 (OK maybe 70) pounds away from being a really good bodyguard!

  2. Seriously thou, what’s with this boycott thing??? Just saw another ‘petition’ on tumblr, seriously this site is a problem, to get b-bomb on second edition ‘Hit the stage’, because he deserves it and SS/KQ(whatever the name is) doesn’t do shit. But I could have sworn that u-kwon was there, like, just now, but never mind him….
    and what I’m curious about is did they ask the person in question an opinion about it, because like, you know, maybe, he does not want to be on the program, or have other plans?

    • Don’t you know? U-Kwon just magically appeared on the program, with all kinds of elaborate backup, in spite of his company’s every effort to prevent him from being there and their campaign to sabotage him once he was there. Or something like that. Because he has TALENT and if you have TALENT good things just HAPPEN, IN SPITE of your management.

      Bleagh. Honestly I think at this point it’s become a rescue fantasy for some people. Let’s “save” this K-Pop idol from their (extremely enviable) fate (that everyone else wants to have). I could do better by them than their company, and everyone else in their lives. I just need to convince them of that, and then they will dump whoever they are dating and MARRY ME!!!!!

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