Dude, V App


I’m telling you:


That’s 145 viewers at BlockB.com today, up from an average of about 108 per day for the previous week. Most of the visitors are looking at the members or home page, which makes me think they’re newer. Presumably more of them are coming because of the Celebrity Bromance episode, but given V App’s past impact, I can’t really discount the possibility that seven minutes of a phone turned the wrong way contributed as well.

Before this turns into yet another stupid aspect of the stupid KQ IS HORRIBLE BOYCOTT BLOCK B!!!! campaign,


Thank you for trying, Kyung

I have to share my primary concern about V App: I have no fucking idea how it makes money. Multiple translations aren’t cheap, and I don’t see any advertising, so…. Unless Naver is willing to really take a bath on this thing, I would guess that they charge the groups to appear on it. Are the bumps in traffic I see from V App worth the money Block B pays to appear on it? I have no way of knowing.


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  1. Sponsorship, I should think. I know I questioned what phone Jaehyo was using, and what model car. And they would have to get agreement from the shops he went into to bring in the camera like that. I don’t know if the name was easily seen, but it couldn’t have been hard to figure out. The amusement park seems not to have been well-planned, but there was probably some chatting with them too.

    And if a rational adult who knows better and knew why she was getting influenced went to buy the same phone Jaehyo was using, so would others not so self-aware. (I even considered the car.)

  2. Also, sometimes, you just need to pay for advertising for the group itself, and that’s what V App is. Even with translating costs, it’s probably still cheaper than doing an album and an MV.

    • Yes, I would assume it’s simply a marketing expense. You could mitigate that expense with product placement (as you would a video’s), but how you pay V App is not V App’s concern.

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