Dorkus Dork and the Dorkomatics


I love this.

Of course the song sounds great, but what cracks me up is that they’re going for this James Brown concept and completely refusing to dress for it. Zico’s stocking cap is on crooked, for fuck’s sake.

James Brown would be proud.

Anyway, I’m going to note that I’m not seeing anything about My Zone in the English-language K-Pop press (except for Japako). It makes sense given the focus and sources of these sites, but I just wanted to point it out–you’re never getting the full picture because they concentrate so narrowly on Korea. A full album in Japan is actually a fairly big deal for Block B given where they are in that market right now, but all the English-language stories are about the Bastarz comeback, and I don’t expect that to change no matter how well My Zone does.

Not that it isn’t good that the Bastarz comeback is getting plenty of coverage, of course, but I do find it amusing that the news sites are all like, OMFG! THEY RELEASED A PICTURE! WITH NO ONE IN IT! while a video teaser with original music is completely ignored.


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