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Someone named Elen did something quite useful and got AllKPop to write about “My Zone”. (So, yeah, if all you do is sit back and bitch about a lack of coverage like I did, it’s not actually all that helpful. Thank you, Elen, for being the better person!)

How useful was it?


The first peak in hourly traffic today over at come after 11 am (in whatever time zone that is–it’s not mine), which was when the video was released. Then it levels off at 1 pm. That’s when the AllKPop story came out, and you see a second bump after that. (The sudden up-and-down at 7 pm is actually more normal for hourly traffic–you see that throughout the day as people in different time zones all, you know, come home from school and go on-line or whatever.)

I’ll throw in some daily traffic for context–218 unique visitors so far today, which is good (it ended up at 258):


No big surprise where the traffic is going: The Albums & Singles page. As for that–I don’t see the song “My Zone” on iTunes Japan or Recochoku, so I’m guessing it’s just the video at this point.

But what a video it is! Of course, my favorite part is the death glare.


At least, I assume there’s a death glare going on there, but I understand that they had to hide it behind special bicolor sunglasses in order to protect the general public. Really, it was the only decent thing to do.

P.S. I’m also going to put this here out of solidarity with fellow old person Happy Mandoo. Keep rockin’ those old bones, Mandoo!


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  1. This song is awesome! Exemplifies why I love block b so much, I never get bored during the first listen. Someone did an edit of the phone showing block b’s freeze, Zico grabbing it and shaking his head XDD

    • Hee!

      Yeah, they always deliver the twists so that their music is always fresh and interesting. And it’s cool to see things you just would never expect (like Park Kyung doing trap)!

  2. hehe thanks was me, I was actually trying to find a way to give a tip to soompi too, but couldn’t find a buttom anywhere 😦 they changed the site and I honestly don’t see the same content. Even tho I’m not a fan of reactions I mailed JRE to check the song, hopefully he does, he also has a lot of views. Reddit I also posted right after was released. Well the only people talking about the japanese album is the japanese block b site so I guessed many people didn’t know about it unless they are hardcore fans, wich is why Ithought a bit of help would be good, specially with an awesome song like that.
    Many BBCs already planning on how to help Bastarz as soon as is out. I know they sometimes complaim a lot, but most of them try to be as helpfull as they can, so is a good fandom and even tho kbbcs are sad the song isn’t in korean, they are supporting the video and were even trending in twitter to help yesterday! 🙂

    I am glad lots of people is checking and happy I could be a bit helpfull 😀

    • Ah, thank you again! Yeah, that was very good thinking on your part. I just get bitter–it’s good to be reminded that just because some people get misled on occasion, it doesn’t mean that everybody completely sucks all the time!

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