Now I’m getting weirdly obsessed


Is she supposed to be in London/Australia/the U.S./(most likely) Foreignia, the magical land of foreigners? There’s like a million product-placed goods in her sloppy, fancy apartment, but they’re all American brands (down to the vitamins!). But she’s watching the Russian English-language channel RT–hmmm….

And then P.O’s phone says 3:14–AM or PM? I guess AM, unless we’re supposed to assume that he just sleeps until 4 PM or so every day, which is of course entirely possible.

ETA: So, the full video is out, and she’s his upstairs neighbor, so yeah…he’s asleep at 3:14 PM and wakes up at 10:30 the following morning. P.O, I don’t think your noisy neighbor is the actual problem here.


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  1. The time is logical. 3:14am KST would be somewhere between 8:00am and 11:00am in the U.S. – I mean Foreignia. So, damn her for waking him up, just so she can get her morning dance on.

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