Feeling both selfish & beautiful


It’s been kind of a busy time for me, so of course Block B is releasing everything in a confusing manner at 4 a.m. my time. Hey, if I won’t leave town, this is what they are reduced to.

The Bastarz CD is available for pre-sale, although no one seems to have a song list yet. (ETA: Now they do!) I don’t see “Selfish & Beautiful Girl” on iTunes, although the iTunes Web page is suggesting that it’s on Apple’s streaming service (which I am not on). (ETA: Now it’s up! Whoot!) Usually iTunes takes some time, so it may be that the song will show up there in a little bit, or it may be only available as streaming until the album is released. (Which the retailers are saying is going to happen November 1 and Block B’s Twitter is saying will happen October 31. So, Block B will be flogging My Zone in Japan until October 30, and then heading right back to Korea to flog Bastarz–whew!)

The video was finally released after some quality issues caused delays.

Of course, people blamed Seven Seasons’ for this, because they are a video-production company, and sending back a video because it looks like ass isn’t, you know, them doing their job or anything.

I mean, it’s not like the members were being kept in the dark about the situation.


They certainly seem adult enough to realize that it’s worth it to wait for a decent video.

Anyway, some people seem to think that not having the video come out the exact moment as the song somehow dooms the song. But this is hardly the first time there’s been a delay–if it actually mattered to sales, they’d be a lot more rigorous about it. (And I’ve seen other groups do videos for songs weeks or even months after release!)

It’s true that “Selfish & Beautiful Girl” was not the real-time chart-topper that songs written by Zico are nowadays, but you have to keep in mind that P.O’s last song sold about a twentieth of what “Boys and Girls” did. At this point, Zico is a very established and very powerful brand; P.O is still just One of Those Guys from Block B.

Now, I like P.O’s music very much, but nobody just instantly tops the charts–you start where you are, and then with any luck, you move up. Having P.O do a lead single is an important step to building his brand and getting him to (hopefully) reach the point where his songs have the same cachet and following as Zico’s and Park Kyung’s. (ETA: I should note that Seven Seasons is very explicitly pushing P.O in the media as the third in line for the producer throne.)

P.S. It looks like one of their songs is going to be completely obscene! I expect nothing less, boys!


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