Well, that’s a weird one


I noticed some extra traffic to the “Would it make sense for Zico to leave Block B?” post, and some poking around revealed that people were saying that AllKPop did an article about him leaving. I couldn’t find the article, so I thought people were just believing a troll (ETA: Turns out that was exactly it), but then I saw this:

So, either people are going to great lengths to make AllKPop look bad (ETA: And wow, that’s pretty much what happened–it was someone’s idea of a joke, JFC), or AllKPop actually put this up and then pulled it down again, because, hello, it’s crap.

I mean, not only has Zico made no such announcement, he is promoting with Block B in Japan this very moment. 

The timing of such an announcement would be peculiar, to say the least.

It’s possible that there was a bogus Korean story out there, although I can’t find it. What I think likely inspired this burst of creativity are these stories, but they’re about how Park Kyung and P.O are becoming more prominent as Talented Producers of the Talented Idol Group Block B, not about Zico leaving the group. (Did you know that Mensa member Park “Mensa” Kyung, who is in Mensa, is Mensa smart? And Mensa talented?)

So, yeah–in any case, it should be no shock that AllKPop is not the most reliable thing out there. (And some people have a very strange sense of humor.)

ETA: Oh, and they’re dredging up Thailand again! Howzabout a “10 Times AllKPop Didn’t Bother with Journalistic Ethics” article?


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  1. Saw that on twitter, seems it was a “fan” (anti I guess) that made that out and started spreading saying allkpop deleted the article and people believed and the panic happened.
    Seems lots of people spammed Zico’s instagram.

    The Thailand mention, yep I saw and somehow I can’t post there anymore so I just smh and closed it, but seems most people paid a lot more atention to what was said about others, is like they already expect the worse from Block B.. -_-

    • Oh–so it was entirely fake, not a mistake by AllKPop? Interesting and disturbing, the lengths some people will go to….

      ETA: Oh, there’s an explanation here. Well, this definitely IS a weird one!

    • I’ve never really gotten this kind of trolling–yes, if you lie, people believe you, especially if you pretend to be an authority figure! In other news, water is wet! They’re probably quite young and were just trying to be clever. I would guess that they REALLY did not expect people to take it out on Zico the way they did. Folly all around….

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