Speaking of weird….


I read Ask A Korean’s excellent breakdown of the current political crisis in Korea last night, so now when I watch this:

All I can do is wonder if it’s all some kind of oblique commentary on the Choi cult or something…. Probably not–it’s probably just more general symbolism, but still….

Anyway–really do read that post. The news stories I’d read made it sound like this was some more-exaggerated Korean version of the Hillary Clinton e-mail server business, where the issue was the handling of confidential material, but no, that just scratches the surface. This sounds more like what happened when the White House tapes of Richard Nixon were released: People are realizing that their president is a complete loon. Disturbing as hell.

And I know that people tend to think of Korea as a magical source of pretty videos and entertainment, and that the focus on K-Pop gets especially intense at the end of the year because it’s award season, but try to keep in mind that right now the average Korean has far more important things to worry about than, I dunno, the SM Halloween party. Try to have a sense of proportion about things and be sensitive, OK?

ETA: About that–I realize that “Make It Rain” is not doing as well on the Korean real-time charts as some people would like. Remember that it is a very strange time in Korea right now, and I think a lot of people have more-pressing concerns than what pop song just came out. (Yes, I realize that Exo stans do not, but I’ll just say that I do not find that to be a particularly admirable trait.)

Things may pick up in Korea once Bastarz starts promotions, or “Make It Rain” may be like “Bingle Bingle” or “Nobody But You” where it’s much more popular in Western markets, or it may just never really catch on. That’s all OK–if Block B could afford to skip “Jackpot” promotions entirely two years ago, they can certainly afford to have “Make It Rain” not be a huge hit today.


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  1. I hope all this issues don’t make them think twice about making another album for them in the future 😦 Bastarz has a real bad luck, besides all the situation in korea, so many groups releasing stuff with huge fandoms to stream non stop 24 hours a day, is hard to notice them in the middle. I don’t care about awards but I do hope they sell well T_T

    • I feel like, as long as they’re willing to do it and don’t just quit (coughcoughTaeilcoughcough), their label will support them. It’s no secret that going up against Exo is tough, and that’s exactly what they did last time!

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