What are those idiots shouting about?


So, this is the captions and the shouted commentary–obviously they’re singing “Make It Rain,” which is mostly what’s subtitled (you can see that translated here ETA: Now the video itself has been translated, sort of–click the “CC” button for English subs), and the first few things P.O shouts are just lyrics from the song.

Live in the waiting room -Block B’s Bastarz-

P.O: We’re at the top!

P.O: It’s not my problem!

P.O: Yeah, we’re at the top!

P.O: Bingle Bingle!

A lyrical twist

P.O: What are the lyrics?

U-Kwon: It’s our turn! It’s our turn! We’re coming out!

P.O: Get out of the way, manager hyungs!

U-Kwon: Stay on the beat!

P.O: Oh, man, how long will it take to clean all this up?


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  1. Watching this and the mv for the song it remaided me that I have a grudge against b-bomb. IMHO he looked really great in a “Very good” era but then he again did sth to his face and now he looks, kind of, off for me. And everytime I see him In I’m trying to find what he did that make him look somehow different, still don’t have a clue

    • Eh, you know, people were all like “HE HAD JAW SURGERY” between “Very Good” and “Jackpot,” but I don’t know how he could of, because at that point they were performing every itty-bitty festival in existence, and I don’t think a week went by when I wasn’t looking over a fancam of them to put on BlockB.com. I think B-Bomb 1. put on weight (his cheeks inflate and deflate like balloons, so maybe that’s what you’re noticing), and 2. at some point–probably before “Very Good”–he had his teeth fixed and his bite adjusted. He freely admits that he had his eyebrows tattooed for “Jackpot,” and he probably had a nose job pre-debut–minor work like filler or thread lifts are very common and hard to detect as well.

      • ok, I’m now staring at his photos and I think it’s sth with nose, still not sure though, but in this area sth changed..?

        on another note, is there a gene in korean blood for dimples? because, seriously, I’ve never seen so many people/celebs with them before in any other country…

        • The nose job was pre-debut–you can see the old nose here, and he’s made jokes about it. Again, if B-Bomb had major work after “Very Good,” then he has the recuperative powers of Wolverine, but there could be fillers and the like. Plus there’s the makeup factor–Zico kept having nose-job rumors crop up because the makeup artists would shade his nose to make it look smaller.

          Looking cute is considered very desirable in the Asian market, so yeah–you’re a lot more likely to become a celebrity if you have dimples, and if you don’t have them, they’re easy to get. Always keep in mind that you’re seeing the celebrity side of Korea, which is like 0.0000001% of the actual population (plus plenty of “Korean” celebrities actually come from other Asian countries).

          • I know that he had nose job before, but to me it looks like he had another one in that time or later, sth there is not right/different than before for me 😉 anyway I guess he wouldn’t come out on stage with the plaster on his nose, like Jaehyo did with his knee :0, although it’d be interesting to see…
            Apparently Zico’s nose got smaller when they measure it up again on weekly idol, maybe that’s way there are rumors about it, but he just lost weight, I doubt that he would get surgery to reduce his nose these 7 or 8 mm…

            wow, I didn’t know you can do that, it’s kinda scary…I doubt that there is korean celeb who done that though, I think it would be to easy to verify,

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